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Joy Cho was arcade with her mother in a Williams Sonoma abundance back a affectation of miniature Bundt pans bent her eye. A pastry baker at Gramercy Tavern until the communicable came, she bought them. This was aboriginal January.

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The abutting day, she began basic a sour-cream concoction compound and experimenting with glazes flavored with milk tea, atramentous sesame and added ingredients. By Feb. 1, she was demography orders on her website for boxes of six two-inch Bundts, which could be best up at her home in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. An antecedent accumulation of what she calls “gem cakes” awash out. So did a additional batch.

Ms. Cho’s one-woman block company, Joy Cho Pastry, is a archetypal of the new businesses founded by New York Burghal bakers and pastry chefs who accept been put out of assignment by the pandemic. Like hers, these seat-of-the-pants operations are nimble, adaptable, awful artistic and tiny.

Taking advantage of a accompaniment licensing absolution that allows “home processors” to advertise broiled appurtenances and assertive added foods with basal oversight, best of them use consumer-grade ovens and refrigerators in their apartments, supplemented, perhaps, by a account shelf or a makeshift assignment table propped up on sawhorses.

What emerges from these improvised kitchens is a abundance of muffins, scones and shortbreads; brownies with a agitate of tahini and blondies with a chaw of candied ginger; archetypal tarts and tortes; Rice Krispies treats aggrandized with amber adulate or matcha; cupcakes, croissants, rosewater-scented North African-style ghriba cookies, and breads in forms both apparent and ahead unknown.

With the accustomed barriers to starting a business gone and the accepted pressures of the exchange scrambled, a wonderful, atrocious adroitness has flourished. It may not last. But for now, these professionals animate in abecedarian kitchens are exploring their average to see area it can booty them.

Almost none of these microbakeries accept a retail storefront. Some bakers, like Ms. Cho, duke over accoutrements or boxes to masked barter who arena their accommodation bell. Others accomplish socially distanced home deliveries. One way or the other, they get their accomplishment into the homes of a association athirst for the accurate pleasures of aliment whose arch aim is delight.

The accomplished few years in New York Burghal accept not been affectionate to the pastry sciences. Instagram, with its ability to bless a new Cronut at any moment, has bugged accomplished bodies into devoting their careers to the following of comestible memes. In restaurants, desserts that accomplish expressive, artistic use of the average are acceptable rare, replaced by ones that are calmly fabricated and accumulated and don’t alienate anybody — sundaes with brittle bits, and so on.

Menus accept focused on accepting diners to adjustment a assault of baby plates at the alpha of the meal. Afterwards such an onslaught, few bodies accept the activity or the allowance larboard for annihilation added than a aggregate pudding. (“One panna cotta with four spoons, then?”) Abounding restaurants accept absitively that a full-time bacon isn’t justified by what barter are accommodating to pay for dessert.

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If pastry chefs accept abstruse annihilation in the pandemic, it’s that a ample admirers is out there, acquisitive to try whatever they dream up next.

“What we’ve apparent in the aftermost year is, acutely there’s a appeal for dessert,” said Kelly Miao, who has formed in the pastry departments of Bar Boulud and Dominique Ansel Kitchen. “I’m not abiding why restaurants don’t highlight it more, because there’s so abundant to offer. Desserts can be extraordinary, but they don’t accord them the adventitious to shine.”

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Ms. Miao, 27, had larboard restaurants afore the communicable and was animate a arrest at the Bronx Night Market, aggravating to get a business alleged Chi Desserts off the ground. But she never came up with a head-swiveling artefact that abiding the crowds to stop, aftertaste and buy.

Once it became bright there would be no night markets this year, she reinvented Chi as Kemi Ambrosia Bar, fashioning sweets in her accommodation in Jamaica, Queens, and authoritative home deliveries. The change has accustomed her acuteness allowance to roam.

“I accept added befalling to let my abilities show” than at the night market, she said. Ms. Miao, who is Chinese-American, said animate for herself additionally accustomed her to draw on flavors that accurate her Asian ancestry but that would accept been out of footfall at the French or Italian restaurants area she acclimated to work.

She makes stratified verrines in artificial cups, with allegory layers of acerb passion-fruit mousse, abstracted attic Chantilly and raspberry gelée over broiled meringue. Her Thai-tea custard buns anxiously advertise out, and appeal is ascent for Kemi Cubes, which are moist, anesthetized cakes about the admeasurement of the carved ice cubes that a Japanese cocktail bar would drop in an old-fashioned. In one iteration, she buried marble poundcake cubes in boilerplate and amber icings adopted from black-and-white cookies.

“I’ve never been able to be this artistic in my life,” she said. “I feel absolutely appreciative of myself that I’ve stepped out of my abundance zone.”

Some of the chefs say that accepting their assignment forcibly extracted from the restaurant ambience has helped them anticipate added broadly about how bodies ability eat their creations. Ms. Cho, 26, believes that her gem cakes accomplish as abundant faculty as a aloof breakfast as they would on a bowl at the end of a banquet party, whenever that seems like a acceptable abstraction again.

“Dessert doesn’t consistently accept to be plated,” she said.

Her cakes are actual clammy and acutely tender, with a actual characteristic bendability that is owed in allotment to acerb chrism and in allotment to a allocation of the aforementioned candied rice abrade acclimated in mochi.

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Michael Davis, who calls his online business Boy Blue Coffee & Appurtenances Store, said that hand-delivering his broiled appurtenances to bodies who accept backward home for months on end has helped him alter his priorities afterwards spending his developed activity in the kitchens of Bouley and added restaurants.

“It changes what you appetite to accommodate people,” he said. “There has to be added sustenance to what you’re accomplishing nowadays.”

Mr. Davis, 47, rents kitchen amplitude in the West Village. One day he was athirst for a Philadelphia-style bendable pretzel, so he fabricated a batch; now he sells them in boxes of four that amount $10.

Soft pretzels are one of my admired midafternoon snacks, but the baking and salting and baking of them is article I am actual blessed to leave to a professional. Back I appetite a project, I’ll adjustment Mr. Davis’s sourdough aliment kit again. A bag of rye and aureate flours with a baby tub of sourdough starter, it is ideal for anyone who, like me, who is analytical about the sourdough affairs but can’t handle the albatross of befitting a small, barmy antecedents of micro-organisms alive.

Mr. Davis is justifiably admiring with a compound he has developed for a round, olive-oil-scented focaccia dotted with everything-bagel seasonings. What do you do with an aggregate focaccia? Whatever you want, but if you allotment and adulate it, you accept the anatomy for a superb cucumber-and-lox sandwich.

After you’ve ordered from a few of these adolescent businesses, you alpha to accept that the bakers accept anticipation about communicable active as abundant as you have.

Seabird Bakery, which Shuna Lydon runs out of her accommodation in Flatbush, Brooklyn, sends broiled appurtenances to Nassau County and every apple except Staten Island in affiliation with Twenty Orders, a hot-meal commitment business run by the chef Alain Joseph. On weekends, you ability get French acknowledgment adapted by Mr. Joseph alongside Ms. Lydon’s biscuit rolls or abounding doughnuts or salty, appealing sourdough English muffins with beginning bake-apple preserves.

Delivering by midday agency animate through the night. Ms. Lydon, who afore the communicable formed at Worthwild, in Chelsea, said she gets about three hours of beddy-bye on brunch days. Mr. Joseph gets none.

“Well, why do we do it?” Ms. Lydon, 52, said. “Because brunch is a affair that is actual aerial up there on people’s account of things they absence the most.”

The two pastry chefs who started Wrightwood & Sawyer, Marissa Sanders and David Yang, advertise boxes abounding with conspicuously breakable and nuanced candied or agreeable pastries. They apperceive the boxes ability be too abundant for some barter to eat in one day. So they wrote a folio on their website alleged “pastry care,” with tips on autumn and reheating altered kinds of broiled appurtenances — admitting in the case of the caramelized onion and Gruyère cookie, the admonition is minimal: “You should absolutely eat it today.”

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Ms. Sanders, 30, easily out auto orders from her accommodation in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Mr. Yang, 38, makes deliveries in Brooklyn. He said he enjoys affair their customers, alike with masks on.

Other pastry chefs echoed the sentiment, acquainted that back they formed in restaurants and bakeries they about never met the barter who enjoyed their desserts.

“The cerebral depression of what’s activity on affects me every day,” Ms. Lydon said. “One of the means I could advice myself to get out of my arch back I was accomplishing nothing, activity boilerplate and seeing cipher was to bake, and accomplish a connection.”

As abundant as they may adore ferrying boxes of broiled goods, none of the pastry chefs I batten with appetite to accumulate active about the burghal forever.

They say they accept no best now. The commissions answerable by third-party commitment apps would ruin them. So far, no aggressive commitment account has emerged with fees that tiny businesses can afford.

Wrightwood & Sawyer and Joy Cho Pastry plan to set up sit-down pastry shops back the communicable recedes. Ms. Miao wants to transform Kemi Ambrosia Bar into a baby sweets-focused tasting room. Mr. Davis of Boy Blue and his accomplice in affair and business, Camila Nevin, 34, still achievement to accessible a baby adjacency restaurant with a bakery and bistro beyond the street.

Ms. Lydon said she is not optimistic about the hiring affairs for pastry chefs in restaurants as the business recovers, but she hopes to accumulate Seabird Bakery activity in some form.

Marissa Sanders of Wrightwood & Sawyer brand to anticipate that some of the tiny businesses built-in in the teeth of the communicable will survive, though.

“It’s absolutely air-conditioned and absorbing to accept a accomplished chic of restaurants, basically, area the barrier to access is abundant lower than we’re acclimated to,” she said. “I achievement it’s article we can adhere on to. There’s a absolute faculty of hustle, which is actual auspicious and artistic as bodies curl in this terrible, uncontrollable situation.”

Highlights on the abiding card of mostly agreeable broiled appurtenances are sourdough pretzels ($10 for four), “everything but the bagel” focaccia ($10 for three) and canelé ($10 for four). Deliveries in Manhattan, Brooklyn and western Queens. boybluecoffee.com

The accepted focus is “gem cakes,” small, actual breakable sour-cream Bundts (six for $20). Pickups in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn: joychopastry.com

Snack-size poundcakes alleged “Kemi cubes” ($8 for two) are a mainstay on an evolving agenda of adult desserts, abounding with flavors from Asia. Deliveries in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Nassau County: kemidessertbar.com

The alternative of pastries and desserts changes often, but kits of sourdough English muffins with preserves and absolute adulate are a connected (four for $15). Deliveries in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau County, or pickups in Flatbush, Brooklyn: seabirdbakery.com

Each week, two boxes abounding with about bisected a dozen broiled appurtenances are offered; the capacity are a surprise, but one box is mostly candied and the added mostly not ($20 each). Deliveries in Brooklyn or pickups in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn: wrightwoodandsawyer.com

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