Cake Jelly Recipe

Ahead of Pancake Day, the architect of East London bakery Violet Cakes (and the woman abaft the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s bells cake) Claire Ptak shares her foolproof compound for absolute pancakes, the abstruse to authoritative a show-stopping pancake “cake”, and some corrupt topping account you won’t accept anticipation of. 

Peanut Butter ‘N’ Jelly Cake – Cake Jelly Recipe | Cake Jelly Recipe

Strawberry Jelly Cream Cake - Cake Jelly Recipe

Strawberry Jelly Cream Cake – Cake Jelly Recipe | Cake Jelly Recipe

Claire Ptak spreads a assemblage of crepes with attenuate layers of jam and chrism to actualize her aerated chrism and jam pancake “cake”. 

Serves 4 – 6 (or bifold the quantities to accomplish the ultimate pancake cake)

In a ample bowl, counterbalance out the flour. In a bucket or a microwave, balmy through the milk to booty the arctic off, but accomplish abiding not to boil. Cascade the milk into a average sized basin and barrel in the actual ingredients.

In a apathetic abiding stream, cascade the wet capacity into the flour, whisking until you get a concoction consistency. Cascade the admixture through a accomplished clarify and acquiesce to blow for bisected an hour afore using.

Old Fashioned Apple Jelly Cake - Cake Jelly Recipe

Old Fashioned Apple Jelly Cake – Cake Jelly Recipe | Cake Jelly Recipe

Heat a baby (around 20cm) abundant non-stick or casting adamant frying pan and baker a bulge of adulate in the pan. When hot, cascade a baby bulk (about three tablespoons) into your pan and agitate about to ensure the accomplished pan is coated with the concoction in a attenuate layer. Don’t over adulate your pan, as you appetite the concoction to authority itself in abode as you agitate it.

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Cook for a few account until it starts to absolution from the ancillary of the pan, and again use a spatula to lift the edges and cast it over (if you accept a palette knife or a attenuate metal spatula this is ideal), and acquiesce the added ancillary to cook. Cast it out assimilate a bowl to cool. Continue with the blow of the batter, stacking the pancakes as you go. Don’t anguish – these will be accessible to separate. From time to time you will accept to add a little added adulate to the pan so that the pancakes don’t stick, but try not to add too much. After anniversary addition, clean the pan out with a cardboard towel.

My favourite way to accept pancakes is as a block (no abruptness there), ample up with layers of aerated chrism and jam in amid anniversary pancake. If you appetite to accomplish a pancake cake, its best to bifold the quantities for the aloft recipe.

Claire Ptak spreads a assemblage of crepes with attenuate layers of aerated chrism and jam to actualize her absorbing pancake “cake”. 

Cook all of your crepes and assemblage them up on a plate. Wrap in clingfilm and arctic for at atomic an hour. While they are chilling, whip the chrism with the amoroso and boilerplate until bendable peaks form.

Once the pancakes accept chilled, body your block one pancake at a time. Abode a pancake on your confined bowl and awning with a cardboard attenuate advance of jam and again a attenuate band of the aerated cream, activity all the way to the bend of the pancake. Repeat until all of the pancakes are acclimated and you accept a tall, multi-layered pancake “cake”.

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Sprinkle the top with a acceptable bulk of icing amoroso and arctic until accessible to serve. You could additionally adorn with flowers, bake-apple or added aerated cream.

Pancakes topped with prunes and cream. 

Soak the prunes in the Armagnac, finer brief but an hour or so will do.

Top the adapted pancakes with the blood-soaked prunes and a atom of crème fraiche and again absterge in icing sugar.

Pancakes topped with claret orange and maple syrup. 

Peel with a dent knife and allotment the oranges into attenuate rounds.

Top the adapted pancakes with the orange circuit and dribble with maple syrup.

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Cake Jelly Recipe – Cake Jelly Recipe
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