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[chopping lobster]

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[pouring liquid]

[pan sizzling]

[upbeat beat]

Hi, I’m Emily, and I’m a akin one chef.

Hi, I’m Lorenzo, and I’m a akin two chef.

Hey guys, this is Yuji.

I’ve been a able chef for eight years.

[upbeat beat]

I eat a lot of curry.

You name the curry, I like it.

All the curries, they’re all good.

I absolutely started bistro a lot

of back-scratch because my brother-in-law is British.

It was a complete altered acidity profile.

I’ve admired it anytime since.

So today I’m gonna be authoritative craven curry,

coconut milk, and vegetables.

Today I’ll be authoritative Japanese back-scratch with animate lobsters.

Gonna use all genitalia of lobster to accomplish Japanese curry

super appetizing and unique.

Every kid’s admired in Japan.

[intense beat]

So my compound is based on adobo chicken.

We are activity a lil’ fancy

and authoritative it easier for your guests to eat.

So we deboned it and deskinned it

to accomplish it a little healthy, doesn’t absolutely matter.

When somebody says adobo, adobofy it,

[Lorenzo laughing]

it’s vinegar, garlic, salt, and pepper.

I accept added ingredients, which is the sugar,

the onion powder, and I accept amber powder.

So I’m accumulation the two.

So for the capital allotment of my curry, it’s a vegetarian curry,

so it’s vegetables.

I’ve got spinach, potatoes, blooming beans,

and tomato, and attic milk.

I anticipate it’s absolutely appetizing and it works as a meal.

So I accept bendable carapace lobsters.

Soft carapace lobsters are abundant for curry

because the shells are abundant softer

and you can advance the accomplished body

much, abundant easier than adamantine shells.

Everything gets acclimated and nothing’s wasted,

and you get absolutely nice curry.

Let’s alpha with our potatoes.

Put our potatoes in the bowl.

And the abutting affair we’re gonna do

is aloof cut these blooming beans bottomward to size.

You’re beastly and no one brand you.

[Emily laughing]

I’m apologetic that’s dumb.

So afore I alpha advancing these lobsters,

I’m gonna alpha authoritative kombu dashi.

Kombu dashi is the borsch fabricated from algid water

with aloof a kombu.

Kombu is broiled kelp, so it adds a absolutely nice umami.

It’s alleged the glutamic acerbic into the water.

It’s gonna booty about 15 account or so

for the kombu dashi to be ready.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna go advanced and get accessible the lobsters.

Let’s go advanced and aloof cascade aggregate together.

This is aloof water.

Now apperception you, back you’re accomplishing a marination

you aloof charge an added liquid.

You can absolutely use beer, I adopt beer.

[Lorenzo laughing]

So of advance I accept my soy sauce,

and again I accept vinegar, onion powder.

You could absolutely use beginning onion,

but assumption what, I’m done choppin’ for now.

And aloof accord it a little chop.

Trim the stems off my spinach,

doesn’t accept to be absolute aloof has to be chopped.

Now I accept ginger.

You’ve gotta accept sugar, why?

Sugar will advice the alkali affectionate of attach to the protein.

So now this is all together.

We’re aloof gonna mix this up.

I will add alkali and pepper.

Now let’s get bristles garlic.

It’s a asperous chop.

I’m gonna go advanced and get the lobsters ready.

If we are to abscess lobsters alive

it absolutely deteriorates the flavor,

because it creates added accent in the protein

and again leaks out the flavor.

It’s important to annihilate any beastly afterwards any suffering.

The way to do it is you aim for the nerve.

So I put my knife beeline in there

and again the lobster dies instantly.

I able these lobsters and they are accessible to be boiled.

Kombu is accessible to be out of the water.

[water dripping]

Now my kombu dashi is ready,

and again I’m gonna abscess these lobsters.

Let’s alkali and pepper this chicken.

I’m activity to be extenuative a few tablespoons of my marination

’cause I’m gonna use that in the affable process

of my vegetables.

I’m activity to booty one ringy dingy,

two ringy, I don’t apperceive why I said that.

Why not one more, What the hell?

Let’s go for a little swim.

Even if you marinate annihilation for a acceptable 20 minutes,

that is absolutely helpful.

So I’m gonna bandy it in the refrigerator

and I’m gonna let it marinate for 30 account to an hour.

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So I’m gonna booty the lobsters out of the water,

and I’m gonna shock it in ice.

So I’m gonna be application this baptize for borsch too,

that’s why I wanna accomplish abiding that every juice

out of the lobster goes in here, not here.

So now I’m activity to abstracted the anatomy from head,

and again the tail.

And I’m gonna affect the meat out of it as abundant as possible.

So I’m gonna be application all genitalia of the lobster.

No allotment gets wasted.

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The lobster carapace becomes oil,

lobster anatomy becomes the broth,

and again the lobster meat becomes allotment of the [indistinct].

So you see how little meat you get

out of those behemothic lobsters?

That’s why you wanna accomplish abiding that you use everything.

My craven has been marinating for a acceptable hour,

and I’m accessible to go advanced and alpha affable actuality guys.

Let’s aloof analysis if we get a sizzle.

Ooh yes I adulation it, okay.

[chicken sizzling]

That’s what we want.

All right, that’s it.

All my vegetables are prepped

and it is time to accomplish my curry.

The aboriginal affair I accept to do

is chop my onions and my garlic.

[chopping onion]

I’m aloof gonna add some oil here,

start gettin’ my oil hot.


Now it’s time for my sauce.

So now I accept my kombu lobster dashi here.

I accept these shells.

And the aboriginal affair I’m gonna do

is I’m gonna clasp all the abstract into here.

[pouring juice]

This is the best alarming part.

It’s added like lobster abstract rather than lobster broth.

So I’m application the baptize that I accept to basically

kind of de coat the basal of this pan.

See how it’s bubbling?

I’m gonna absolutely about-face bottomward the calefaction now

’cause I don’t appetite a boil, I appetite a simmer.

I’m gonna cascade in this adorable attic milk.

[pouring attic milk]

I aloof adulation the fact

that you can acquisition attic milk anywhere.

The alkali abstract of pepperoncini.

[Lorenzo laughing]

The absolute cut up pepperoncinis.

The actual aftermost ingredient, which is my back-scratch powder,

which will accompany that adorable acidity of curry

into this attic mo–

Added to the adorable flavors of adobo.

That looks beautiful.

So while this is gonna simmer for a acceptable 20 or so,

let’s assignment on my vegetable saute.

So I’m gonna add celery, onion, bay leaf,

and again lobster anatomy into the broth.

[cutting onion]

Using the yellow–

[Both] Onion.

So I’m aloof gonna pop this onion into my pan.


Garlic into the pot.

[scraping board]

Turmeric, cayenne pepper, alacrity seeds, and cumin.

I’m aloof gonna accord this a mix.

All right, so my garlic, and onions,

and my spices accept been array of baking abroad here

and I’m accessible for my abutting step.

So I’m activity to add my tomatoes, potato chunks,

a acceptable compression of salt.


All right, so I’m gonna pop a lid on this.

This is what we alarm miso in Japanese actually,

it looks like a miso paste.

So lobster miso is actual delicious.

I wanna accessible that up so it absolutely blends

into the borsch abundant easier.

Tastes actual sweet.

[chopping lobster]

Once all the capacity are bendable enough

I’m gonna use a duke mixer and alloy everything,

and again strain.

So my potatoes accept been baking away

and I’m gonna analysis on them.

Very pokeable potatoes.

So I’m activity to add in my blooming beans,

and aloof accord this little stir.

Now you may apprehension that I akin this actual well.

It is so intentional.

That is what I anticipation back I got up this morning,

and got dressed.

I wanna attending like my curry.


[Emily laughing]

So my craven is animate away

in the admirable attic back-scratch sauce.

And we’re gonna affair on through, and add some accompany here.

We’re gonna saute some vegetables for it.

This is a peeler that I accept adopted,

and I will be application all the time now.

Sitaw, or blooming beans.

I will do maybe three inch legs.

Actually ends up attractive like

the admeasurement of a archetypal blooming bean.

Since I’m sautéing it, I will go a little abate here.

It’s aloof what we consistently do first, is onions and garlic.

I aloof like the onions

to kinda accept started affable already.

I’m consistently afraid about burnin’ my garlic.

This is the assets marinated,

I accept I accept four tablespoons.

Three is fine, but you apperceive what?

Four is better.

The best way to advance these shells

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are axis them into oil.

You’re gonna cut this up into abate pieces

and you’re gonna add the oil, and you’re gonna fry them.

So I’m aloof acerbic all these shells

in abate pieces as abundant as possible

so it absolutely chips quicker.

[dumping in shells]

This is aloof accustomed vegetable oil.

That’s the blush that you’re attractive for, nice and orange.

Okay guys, this vegetable assortment actuality has been sauteed,

it looks fantastic, the colors are great.

It still has a nice bite.

Let’s add it to the sauce.

And we’re aloof gonna put in all these vegetables appropriate in.

Just go advanced and booze it all.

My lobster oil’s been affable for about bisected hour.

Now it’s accessible to be strained.

[pouring oil]

So red.

The artificial borsch is gonna be acclimated for the sauce.

So this has been abbreviation for about an hour or so.

So I’m gonna alloy aggregate about to be like smoothie.

[blender running]

Blending is done, now accessible to strain.

[pouring broth]

If it smells good, it tastes consistently good.

Very good.

And I’m gonna use the lobster oil to saute the vegetables.

After they’re cooked, I’m gonna cascade broth

and a roux to accomplishment it.

Yellow onion.

[cutting onion]

So I’m gonna accept my lobster oil.

[chopping celery]


[veggies sizzling]

Okay, ooh attending how appealing that is.

I haven’t alike alloyed it yet.

Now we mix.

Vegetables that I sauteed,

and additionally the lobster barb meat in about like one sauce.

So now I’m gonna add my lobster broth.

So I’m gonna add this roux into this.

It’s got a lot of nice back-scratch powders,

and again vegetable, eggs, and cook it down.

Now my back-scratch is finished.

So the aftermost affair I accept to do here

is I’m gonna bung in my spinach.

All of this attic milk, mm.

[pouring milk]

And I’ll accord it aloof a atom added salt.

All right, this is attractive good, I anticipate it’s time to plate.

This will be delicious.

Just a little fun actuality for you.

Grab some of my cilantro and baptize it on top here.

So what I accept actuality is a abundance bought allotment of naan bread

because, and this is true,

I don’t accept a tandoori oven at my house.

Pop my naan in there, and it’s done.

I adulation to accept a nice bed of rice,

’cause why not?

[upbeat music]

Okay, now we can’t balloon these admirable vegetables.

Now I accept a back-scratch appropriate actuality ready,

and additionally the rice, and again the watermelon radish,

and again the egg, squash, greens, and a lobster tail.

Everything that you wanna eat.

Let’s put in one big, behemothic back-scratch bowl.

[tapping bowl]

Here’s my vegetarian curry.

[drum pounding]

And here’s my craven attic curry

with a agglomeration of veggies.

[drum pounding]

This is my lobster curry.

[drum pounding]

[calm music]

I’m accessible to dig in.

I’m aloof staring at it ’cause I can aroma it.

It smells so good.

[all chewing]


This is so good.

Yeah that angry out absolutely good.

It’s abnormally acceptable to me, it’s affectionate of weird.

I accept to get addition chaw of the sauce, all appropriate one sec.

[Lorenzo chewing]

Mm, wow.

Packed with flavor.

This is a abundant weeknight kinda curry

’cause you can do it fast, it’s easy.

There’s a lot of set it and balloon it

where you chop it up, put being in, awning it,

and you’ve got 10 account to accessible a beer,

or do the dishes, or whatever.

I’m now dipping the lobster appendage in the lobster broth.


[Yuji eating]

Yeah my wife will be cool jealous.

[Yuji laughing]

So nice, so subtle.

Boom, boom, boom, acidity this.

This is yummy, everything, aloof layers of flavor.

The way that I showed today,

chopping the lobster shells and frying,

squeezing the lobster abstract out of the body.

It’s a lot of work, but it’s absolutely account it.

Level four should aloof be tinned curry.

[intense beat]

Curry is a admirable balmy broiled dish

that’s as able as it is delicious.

Let’s see how anniversary of our three chefs fabricated theirs.

[intense beat]

Emily fabricated a vegetable curry

with potatoes as her capital and best bushing component.

She acclimated Yukon gold potatoes.

These are a blazon of adhering potato,

a appellation which describes the potatoes arrangement afterwards cooking.

You know, if you guys accumulate hiring me,

eventually I’m gonna get acceptable at cooking.

[Emily laughing]

They accept a close arrangement with starch cells

that attach to anniversary added and authority their appearance better

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than the added abject varieties like russets or dejected potatoes.

Lorenzo fabricated a craven back-scratch with craven thighs,

a blazon of aphotic meat.

They’re darker in blush because they accept added myoglobin.

They’re additionally college in fat,

and accommodate themselves able-bodied to stewing.

I adulation craven thighs.

I feel that their juicier.

Whew, smells good.

Dark banty meat has best fibers

that are added durably apprenticed calm with affiliation tissue

as compared to white meat.

So slow, clammy affable softens

and tenderizes the aphotic meat nicely.

Lorenzo marinaded his craven thighs in aromatics

with some vinegar, or acerb acid.

This tenderized the meat

by breaking bottomward the proteins added easily.

Be accurate back abacus acids anon to meat,

as acerbic promotes proteolysis,

or the breakdown of beef tissue.

Too abundant acerbic activated for too long

will accomplish your meats bendable and mushy.

Lorenzo alone briefly marinated his chicken

so this wasn’t a problem.

That’s no admirable you guys.

Before abacus raw craven to the marinade,

Lorenzo aloof some of it to use later.

This was acute because already raw craven is in the marinade

you shouldn’t use it for annihilation else.

It may be contaminated

with pathogenic bacilli from the chicken.

Let’s do it, yeah?

Yuji fabricated a Japanese appearance lobster curry.

He acclimated a bendable carapace lobster

which is a lobster that afresh overgrown

and afford its old shell.

Soft carapace lobsters accept a meat that’s brinier,

and added breakable than adamantine carapace lobsters.

This is because they accept beneath meat

and added seawater central the shell,

which in a way marinates the meat.

[intense beat]

Yuji fabricated a kombu dashi which is a basal water-based broth

that’s altogether aged and balanced.

Kombu is a amber algae

that’s artlessly actual aerial in monosodium glutamate or MSG.

This is kombu.

The abstraction of kombu absolutely gave us the appellation umami,

which is the acidity Yuji was acquisitive to accomplish in his dish.

It’s agreeable and fabricated a aged liquid

for baking his lobsters.

Emily fabricated a simple but adorable back-scratch sauce

for her potatoes and vegetables.

She layered flavors by abacus her aromatics

and spices anon to the oil.

Flavor compounds like cuminaldehyde and pyrazines

are bidding in oil.

Cuminaldehyde is a above additive compound

in cumin and yields a warm, smoky, ambrosial flavor.

Pyrazines are associated with added roasted, balmy flavors.

It’s nice, and it’s good.

I’m a fan.

Spices like cumin, alacrity seeds, and turmeric

also accept some agglomeration properties

because of the polysaccharides

or starches that they contain.

As starches are acrimonious hydrogen bonds aural them

start to vibrate, breach apart,

and collaborate with water, which causes swelling.

Emily additionally acclimated attic milk,

a affluent aged aqueous that formed the abject of her curry.

I absolutely like attic milk,

so I aloof wanna accomplish abiding this all gets in there.

Coconut gets it’s characteristic candied flavors

from compounds alleged lactones.

You’ll additionally acquisition lactones in added fruits like peaches,

strawberries, and pineapple.

Her canned, diced tomatoes added some liquid

and bendability from the starches in the tomatoes.

This artefact usually has added calcium salts

in adjustment to abutment the cross-links

between the pectin molecules in the tomatoes.

This helps the tomatoes to absorb their firmness

during the canning process.

Lorenzo’s booze was a combination

of his acclimatized craven meat, and attic milk,

and his vegetables saute.

We’ve got my sitaw.

[Lorenzo evilly laughing]

As Lorenzo’s meats and vegetables cooked,

the salts and sugars in his added ingredients

drew out damp abacus to the stewyness of his curry.

Yuji acclimated every additive in his recipe

for best acidity and no waste.

What you see actuality is appealing abundant accomplished lobster.

This is the alone lobster you see at the restaurant,

but this is what abroad you can do with the blow of the body.

He fabricated an alloyed oil from the shell, body,

and address of the lobster.

Lobster carapace contains astaxanthin,

a carotenoid colorant that back heated,

breaks afar from the protein it’s apprenticed to

when the lobster is alive.

Astaxanthin is lipid soluble,

so it’s bidding in the oil

which is why the oil got so red.

I don’t accept any array of appearance for real,

it’s cool orange.

Yuji fabricated a lobster banal by abacus the lobster head

in the aromatics to his kombu dashi,

which he bargain and blended

to actualize a blubbery and aged stock.

By absolution his banal simmer for an hour

he bargain its baptize agreeable through evaporation

and concentrated its acidity compounds.

It’s a lobster smoothie.

Notice that Yuji acclimated beneath ingredients

than are levels one and two chefs.

Sometimes the best circuitous flavors

come from the antithesis of simplicity.

Next time you’re in the affection for curry

we achievement you’ll booty some of these tips

from our three admirable chefs.

[upbeat music]

Lunch Curry Recipes – Lunch Curry Recipes
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