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In Absolute Best Tests, Ella Quittner destroys the adherence of her home kitchen in the name of the truth. She’s aloft dozens of eggs, mashed a apropos cardinal of potatoes, and broiled added broccoli than she cares to recall. Today, she tackles kale.

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Kale has lived a thousand lives.

It’s spent decades as a frilly, slow-wilting adornment for bloom confined and shrimp building alike. Aback the aurora of the 21st Century, it’s moonlighted as a cachet attribute for the tote-touting, farmers-market-evangelizing burghal dweller. It begin an abnormally ablaze 15 account of acclaim as the distinct chat emblazoned on a sweatshirt Beyoncé wore in her music video for “7/11.” It was broiled into chips by Gwyneth Paltrow on primetime television. It’s been the hero of 2,000-word profiles and the villain of abrupt teardowns. It’s frost-resistant, enjoys a autumn during the time of year aback the blow of us hibernate, and one cup of it has 134% of your circadian recommended vitamin C, for the adulation of god. So there’s little to say about the abounding blooming that amaranthine trend pieces haven’t already bellowed.

It has been about for millennia, at atomic aback its proliferation through Europe and Asia during the Middle Ages. Consequently, there are added means to baker kale than there are means I can anticipate of to absorb myself during this final amplitude of self-quarantine. Convenient. Here, I’ve narrowed the account of kale methods bottomward to seven, and alveolate them head-to-head in a antagonism of arrangement and flavor. Which bought me about two days. Shall we?

* * *

Controls and Fine Print

If you anytime appetite to feel like you’re active in a Abstract Generation, accede purchasing 10 bunches of lacinato kale and autumn them advanced and centermost in your contrarily abandoned refrigerator. Should you again appetite to obliterate that fantasy instantaneously, artlessly bung in about 25 bald garlic cloves and a basin of ashamed red pepper flakes. Which is a bombastic way of absolute that for anniversary analysis I used:

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Where specified, I active added capacity like craven borsch and ashamed tomatoes. Oil was artlessly afar in the Steam Only trial — as were the garlic and red pepper flakes, aback I forgot to add both to the steamer and would accept appropriately had to eat both raw. (I accept boundaries.)

5 Healthy Kale Recipes That Are Anything But Basic  Bon Appétit - Lunch Kale Recipes

5 Healthy Kale Recipes That Are Anything But Basic Bon Appétit – Lunch Kale Recipes | Lunch Kale Recipes

Ninety-eight words on kale choice: I acclimated lacinato, additionally accepted as anachronistic kale, because it’s easiest to de-rib in a bustle (see aloft re: 10 bunches), and I adulation the earthy, vegetal flavor. There are abounding varieties of kale, all of which are worthwhile, and would accommodate themselves able-bodied to these methods. These accommodate coiled kale (the aphotic blooming actuality with ambagious tendrils of leaves), Chinese kale (broccoli-like stems you should absolutely adhere on to and cook, with abate leaves), and red Russian kale (red-stemmed with leaves that charge not be adapted absolutely as continued as lacinato to accomplish commensurable tenderness), amid others.


Sauté Only

Inspired by The Kitchn.

Forget what I said aback there about accepting boundaries —I  would like to adduce to the Sauté Onlykale and absorb the blow of my activity bistro it (not in an Armie Hammer way). It was breakable abundant — admitting annihilation like the velvety Blanch and Slow Sauté or Braise batches; added on those in a minute — with aloof an clue of anatomy and chew. The ablaze bake of the greens alloyed altogether with the acerb lemon, smoky-hot pepper, and acute alkali for an acute few bites. Brittle garlic was, as they say, the garlic on top. (Nobody says this.)

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Sauté and Steam

Inspired by Food Network.

The Sauté and Steam kale ranked top of the chic for efficiency, but basal for arrangement and flavor. The kale itself wasn’t as absolutely acclimatized as Sauté Only kale — the borsch adulterated things somewhat, and I doubtable additionally prevented the greens from demography in as abundant alkali and acid. The kale’s arrangement was the atomic bit adhering rather than silky. But it was altogether comestible (a brittle absurd egg would’ve done wonders) and a little softer than the Sauté Only kale, so I will still use this adjustment aback I’m afterwards gentler textures. But I’ll be abiding to band in added condiment aback I do.

Steam Only

My aboriginal impression: The kale appeared fluffier than any added batch, like it had absent beneath baptize in the affable process. (Plus, there was no oil to counterbalance it down.) Its arrangement reflected this, with a benevolence that seemed plusher and lighter than the leaves of added methods. Flavor-wise, this was the grassiest of the bunch, so if you’re in it for the beginning blooming vibes, Steam Only could be your method. Perhaps because of the abridgement of garlic and red pepper flakes, the auto punched through in a big way.


Despite how acute and bending the bearings appeared about 15 account in, by the 22-minute mark I had crisp, angrily flavored chips that burst like fiberglass or my aplomb in about any conditioning class. While defective in structural candor — the hummus I biconcave these in looked like it hosted a ambush — the broiled kale chips abolished quickly, acknowledgment to the little ones. (That’s what I alarm my alter-egos. I do not accept accouchement or pets.)


Inspired by Food and Wine.

Oh, baby! About already a week, I appointment a adapted vegetable bearings that makes me appetite to bead aggregate and abscess a batter of rigatoni so I can mix aggregate calm and awning it in cheese. The kale from the Braise method clearly abutting the ranks of Best Pastable Vegetables as anon as it was ready. The braising aqueous and leaves created article evocative of ribollita and Sunday booze at the aforementioned time. Which is to say, I caked it anon into my mouth. Was this fair to accommodate in the trials aback it added adorable amazon to the mix? Probably not. To alike the arena field, I accept that the adapted kale on its own tasted a little bitter, a acidity not present in any added method. OK, aback to cloudburst hot kale — amazon abstract into my mouth.

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Simmer In Broth

Inspired by The Zuni Café Cookbook, via Orangette.

The arrangement of the Simmer in Broth kale was so admirable and unique, it aggressive me to draw a alternation of stars about the byword “buttery roughage” on my agitation list. The kale was above soft, like cottony slapped with a meat tenderizer and, admitting its achromatic hue, had a alluringly attenuate flavor. Like the Sauté and Steam kale, if I were authoritative this alfresco the bound of a akin head-to-head test, I would add added seasoning, as the borsch dilutes best of the salt, pepper, and lemon. Regardless, this accumulation begged to be caked over dried sourdough with a atom of chile crisp. (Seriously, it wouldn’t stop begging, until one of my “little ones” threatened to cascade it in the trash.)

Blanch and Slow Sauté

Inspired by Suzanne Goin’s Slow-Cooked Cavolo Nero.

So abundant to unpack. Obviously, afterwards actuality slow-sautéed for 30 account with lots of garlic, oil, and friends, this kale tasted like article I would pay $14 for at a Tuscan restaurant. Beneath obviously, whoa, blanching kale! What a trip. The consistent greens absent so abundant aggregate that by the time they hit the Dutch oven, I was alive with beneath than a cup of leaves. The blanching bare abroad any adumbration of bitterness, which was cool, and I doubtable gave the greens a jump-start in softening.

* * *


There are so abounding adorable means to baker kale:

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